This is a working copy subject to change,
it is not finalized and will certainly change as more input is received.
29/12/2020TuesdaySeniorsSeniors Eclectic Wk1
30/12/2020WednesdayLadiesLadies Day @ 10am
02/01/2021SaturdayMensWinter Competition Wk 9
03/01/2021SundayMensWinter Competition Wk 9
05/01/2021TuesdaySeniorsSeniors Winter Eclectic Wk2
05/01/2021TuesdayLadiesLadies Committee Meeting
06/01/2021WednesdaySeniorsSeniors Winter Eclectic Wk2
06/01/2021WednesdayLadiesLadies Day @ 10am
09/01/2021SaturdayMensWinter Competition Wk 10
10/01/2021SundayMensWinter Competition Wk 10
12/01/2021TuesdaySeniorsSeniors Winter Eclectic Wk 3
13/01/2021WednesdayLadiesLadies Day @ 10am
13/01/2021WednesdaySeniorsSeniors Winter Eclectic Wk3
16/01/2021SaturdayMensWinter Competition Doubles Wk 1
17/01/2021SundayMensWinter Competition Doubles Wk 1
19/01/2021TuesdaySeniorsSeniors Winter Eclectic Wk 4
20/01/2021WednesdayLadiesLadies Day @ 10am
20/01/2021WednesdaySeniorsSeniors Winter Eclectic Week 4
23/01/2021SaturdayLadiesRabbie Burns Comp @10am
23/01/2021SaturdayMensWinter Competition Doubles Wk 2
24/01/2021SundayMensWinter Competition Doubles Wk 2
26/01/2021TuesdaySeniorsSeniors Winter Eclectic Wk 5
27/01/2021WednesdayLadiesLadies Day @ 10am
27/01/2021WednesdaySeniorsSeniors Winter Eclectic Week 5
28/01/2021ThursdayEventCommittee Meeting at the Cons Club @ 7.30pm
30/01/2021SaturdayMensWinter Competition Doubles Wk 3
31/01/2021SundayMensWinter Competition Doubles Wk 3
02/02/2021TuesdaySeniorsSeniors Winter Eclectic Wk 6
03/02/2021WednesdayLadiesLadies Day @ 10am
03/02/2021WednesdaySeniorsSeniors Winter Eclectic Wk 6
04/02/2021ThursdayMensCommittee Meeting at the Con Club - 7.30pm
06/02/2021SaturdayMensWinter Competition Doubles Wk 4
07/02/2021SundayLadiesValentines Day Competition @ 10am
07/02/2021SundayMensWinter Competition Doubles Wk4
09/02/2021TuesdaySeniorsSeniors Winter Eclectic Wk 7
10/02/2021WednesdayLadiesLadies Day @ 10am
10/02/2021WednesdaySeniorsSeniors Winter Eclectic Week 7
13/02/2021SaturdayMensWinter Competition Doubles Wk 5
14/02/2021SundayMensWinter Competition Doubles Wk 5
16/02/2021TuesdaySeniorsSeniors Winter Eclectic Wk 8
17/02/2021WednesdayLadiesLadies Day @ 10am
17/02/2021WednesdaySeniorsSeniors Winter Eclectic Wk 8
20/02/2021SaturdayMensWinter Competition Doubles Wk 6
21/02/2021SundayMensWinter Competition Doubles Wk 6
24/02/2021WednesdayLadiesLadies Day @ 10am
24/02/2021WednesdaySeniorsSeniors Texas Scramble
27/02/2021SaturdayMensSingles Stableford
28/02/2021SundayMensSingles Stableford
02/03/2021TuesdaySeniorsSeniors Stableford Yellow Tee
03/03/2021WednesdaySeniorsSeniors Stableford Yellow Tee
03/03/2021WednesdayLadiesLadies Day @ 10am
06/03/2021SaturdayMensBogey Competition
07/03/2021SundayMensBogey Competition
09/03/2021TuesdayLadiesLadies Committee Meeting @17.30
09/03/2021TuesdaySeniorsSeniors Medal Competition (yellow Tees)
09/03/2021TuesdaySeniorsSeniors V Beedles Lake (away) 9.00am (8 Pairs)
10/03/2021WednesdaySeniorsSeniors Medal Competition (yellow Tees)
10/03/2021WednesdayLadiesLadies Day @ 10am
13/03/2021SaturdayLadiesSt Patricks Day Competition @ 10am
13/03/2021SaturdayMensDoubles Stableford Competition
14/03/2021SundayMensDoubles Stableford Competition
16/03/2021TuesdaySeniorsSeniors Stableford Comp. Yellow Tee
17/03/2021WednesdayLadiesLadies Day @ 10am
17/03/2021WednesdaySeniorsSeniors Stableford Comp. Yellow Tee
18/03/2021ThursdaySeniorsSeniors 4 Club Challenge @ Rushden 10.30am 12 Singles
20/03/2021SaturdayMensTexas Scramble Open to all members
20/03/2021SaturdayMensHollingsworth vs Daventry Away
21/03/2021SundayMensTexas Scramble Open to all members
23/03/2021TuesdaySeniorsSeniors Stableford Yellow Tee
24/03/2021WednesdayLadiesLadies Day - (Winter Eclectic Last Round) @ 10am
24/03/2021WednesdaySeniorsSeniors Stableford Yellow Tee
27/03/2021SaturdayMensAvon Trophy (Foursomes stableford)
28/03/2021SundayMensAvon Trophy (Foursomes stableford)
31/03/2021WednesdayLadiesLadies Day @ 9.30am
31/03/2021WednesdayMensClub Mid Week Medal
31/03/2021WednesdayMensHollingsworth v Silverstone (Home)
01/04/2021ThursdayMensCommittee Meeting at the club house - 7.30pm
01/04/2021ThursdayMensClub Mid Week Medal
03/04/2021SaturdayLadiesApril Bogey @ 9.30am
03/04/2021SaturdayMensMonthly Medal Including The Virgin Trophy Qualifier
04/04/2021SundayMensMonthly Medal Including The Virgin Trophy Qualifier
05/04/2021MondaySeniorsSeniors V Brampton Park (away) 8.30am (8 Pairs)
06/04/2021TuesdaySeniorsSeniors Stableford Yellow Tee
07/04/2021WednesdayLadiesLadies Day @ 9.30am
07/04/2021WednesdaySeniorsSeniors Stableford Yellow Tee
10/04/2021SaturdayMensMathers Cup (individual medal)
11/04/2021SundayMensMathers Cup (individual Medal)
12/04/2021MondaySeniorsSeniors vs Rutland County (away) 8.30am 8pairs
14/04/2021WednesdayLadiesLadies Day @ 9.30am
14/04/2021WednesdaySeniorsSeniors AM AM White Tees Teams of 4
16/04/2021FridayMensEaster Salver Better ball Friday
17/04/2021SaturdayMensEaster Salver Better ball Saturday
18/04/2021SundayMensEaster Salver Better ball Sunday
18/04/2021SundayMensHolingsworth vs Northants County (Away)
19/04/2021MondayMensEaster Salver Overall Result
19/04/2021MondayMensEaster Salver Better Ball Monday
20/04/2021TuesdaySeniorsSeniors Medal White Tees Medal
20/04/2021TuesdaySeniorsSeniors vs Humberstone Heights Home 9.30 6 Pairs
21/04/2021WednesdayLadiesLadies Day @ 9.30am
21/04/2021WednesdaySeniorsSeniors Medal White Tees Medal
24/04/2021SaturdayMensSingles Stableford
24/04/2021SaturdayEventTrophy Match Captain Home / Vice Away
25/04/2021SundayMensSingles Stableford
26/04/2021MondaySeniorsSeniors V Kilworth Springs (away) 11.00am (8 Pairs)
28/04/2021WednesdayMensClub Mid Week Medal
28/04/2021WednesdayLadiesLadies Day @ 9.30am
29/04/2021ThursdayMensClub Mid Week Medal
29/04/2021ThursdayEventCommittee Meeting At The Clubhouse At 7.30pm
01/05/2021SaturdayMensMay Day Bank Holiday Singles Stableford Saturday
01/05/2021SaturdayLadiesDorothy Bennett Trophy @ 9.30am
02/05/2021SundayMensMay Day Bank Holiday Singles Stableford Sunday
03/05/2021MondayMensMay Day Bank Holiday Singles Stableford Monday
03/05/2021MondayMensMay Day Bank Holiday Singles Stableford FINAL SCORES
04/05/2021TuesdaySeniorsSeniors Stableford Yellow Tee
05/05/2021WednesdayLadiesLadies Day @ 9.30am
05/05/2021WednesdayMensExtra Medal 11 Holes
05/05/2021WednesdaySeniorsSeniors Stableford Yellow Tee
06/05/2021ThursdayMensExtra Medal 11 Holes
08/05/2021SaturdayMensThistle & Rose Cup (better Ball Medal)
08/05/2021SaturdayLadiesWeekend Medal @ 9.30am
09/05/2021SundayMensThistle & Rose Cup (better Ball Medal)
09/05/2021SundayMensHandicap League v Oundle Home @ 1pm
11/05/2021TuesdaySeniorsSeniors Medal White Tee Top 32 Qualify
11/05/2021TuesdayLadiesCommittee Meeting @ 17.30
12/05/2021WednesdayLadiesLadies Day @ 9.30am
12/05/2021WednesdaySeniorsSeniors Medal White Tee - Top 32 Qualify
12/05/2021WednesdayMensExtra Medal 9 Holes
13/05/2021ThursdaySeniorsSeniors V Brampton Park (home) 9.00am (8 Pairs)
15/05/2021SaturdayMensSammy Millar Cup (19-28 Handicap Medal)
15/05/2021SaturdayMensMonthly Medal
16/05/2021SundayMensSammy Millar Cup (19-28 Handicap Medal)
16/05/2021SundayMensMonthly Medal
18/05/2021TuesdaySeniorsSeniors 4 Ball Betterball Yellow Tees
19/05/2021WednesdayMensExtra Medal 11 Holes
19/05/2021WednesdaySeniorsSeniors 4 Ball Betterball Yellow Tees
19/05/2021WednesdayLadiesMidweek Medal @ 9.30am
20/05/2021ThursdayMensExtra Medal 11 Holes
21/05/2021FridayEventColin Sawers Captain’s Weekend at Telford
22/05/2021SaturdayMensPriors Hall Pitcher Individual Stableford
22/05/2021SaturdayEventColin Sawers Captain’s Weekend at Telford
23/05/2021SundayMensPriors Hall Pitcher Individual Stableford
23/05/2021SundayEventColin Sawers Captain’s Weekend at Telford
25/05/2021TuesdayMensSeniors Stableford Yellow Tees
26/05/2021WednesdaySeniorsSeniors Stableford Yellow Tees
26/05/2021WednesdayLadiesLadies Day @ 9.30am
27/05/2021ThursdaySeniorsSeniors V Pavenham (Home) 9.30am (6 Pairs)
29/05/2021SaturdayMensMonthly Medal
29/05/2021SaturdayLadiesBill Crossan Trophy @ 9.30 am
29/05/2021SaturdayMixedMixed v Kettering away
30/05/2021SundayMensMonthly Medal
30/05/2021SundayMensHandicap vs Wellingborough Home 1pm
01/06/2021TuesdayEventSeniors V Colmworth (home) 9am (6 Pairs)
02/06/2021WednesdayLadiesLadies Day @ 9.30am
02/06/2021WednesdayMensShanks & McEwan Trophy (singles Stableford 14 – 28 Hdcps)
02/06/2021WednesdayMensMid Week Medal
03/06/2021ThursdayEventCommittee Meeting At The Clubhouse 7.30pm
03/06/2021ThursdayMensShanks & McEwan Trophy (singles Stableford 14 – 28 Hdcps)
Tee Closed At 9.30am
03/06/2021ThursdayMensMid Week Medal
04/06/2021FridayLadiesLady Captain Weekend Away @ The Nottinghamshire
05/06/2021SaturdayLadiesLady Captain Weekend Away @ The Nottinghamshire
05/06/2021SaturdayMensSingles Stableford Competition
06/06/2021SundayMensSingles Stableford Competition
07/06/2021MondaySeniorsSeniors v Rutland Water Away 9.30am 6 Pairs
08/06/2021TuesdayMensSeniors Stableford Yellow Tees
09/06/2021WednesdaySeniorsSeniors Stableford Yellow Tees
09/06/2021WednesdayLadiesLadies Day @ 9.30am
09/06/2021WednesdayMensExtra Stableford 11 Holes
10/06/2021ThursdayMensExtra Stableford 11 Holes
12/06/2021SaturdayMensMonthly Medal inc Izzard Team Trophy
12/06/2021SaturdayLadiesWeekend Medal @ 9.30am
12/06/2021SaturdayEventNorthants Golf Ltd. County Championships @ Whittlebury
13/06/2021SundayMensMonthly Medal inc Izzard Team Trophy
15/06/2021TuesdaySeniorsSeniors vs Humberstone Heights Away 6 pairs 9.00am
16/06/2021WednesdaySeniorsSeniors Texas Scramble Competition White Tee
16/06/2021WednesdayLadiesLadies Day @ 9.30am
18/06/2021FridayEventPar Four @ Rudding Park
19/06/2021SaturdayMensSingles Stableford
20/06/2021SundayMensSingles Stableford
20/06/2021SundayMensHdcp League vs Kettering home 1.00pm
20/06/2021SundayMixedMixed Pairs Stableford @ 2pm
22/06/2021TuesdayMensVeterans Cup
23/06/2021WednesdayLadiesLadies Mid Week Medal @ 9.30 am
23/06/2021WednesdayMensVeterans Cup
23/06/2021WednesdayMensExtra Stableford 11 Holes
24/06/2021ThursdayMensExtra Stableford 11 Holes
24/06/2021ThursdayMensHandicap v Oundle Away @ 4pm
26/06/2021SaturdayMensClub Championship (18 Hole Medal) (0 – 13hdcps) Gross 1st Round
26/06/2021SaturdayMensClub Championship (14 – 28hdcps) 1st Round Nett
27/06/2021SundayMensClub Championship (18 Hole Medal) (0 – 13hdcps) Nett 1st Round
27/06/2021SundayMensClub Championship (14 – 28hdcps) 1st Round
30/06/2021WednesdayLadiesLadies Day @ 9.30am
30/06/2021WednesdayMensClub Mid Week Medal
01/07/2021ThursdayEventCommittee Meeting At The Clubhouse 7.30pm
01/07/2021ThursdayMensClub Mid Week Medal
03/07/2021SaturdayLadiesClub Championship 0 - 13 Hdcp 2nd Round Nett
03/07/2021SaturdayMensClub Championship (14 – 28hdcps) 2nd Round
03/07/2021SaturdayLadiesPhil Ackroyd Trophy @ 9.30am
04/07/2021SundayMensClub Championship (14 – 28hdcps) 2nd Round Nett
04/07/2021SundayMensClub Championship (36 Hole Medal) (Final Gross Scores)
04/07/2021SundayMensClub Championship (36 Hole Medal) (Final Nett Scores)
04/07/2021SundayMensClub Championship (14 – 28hdcps) Final Nett Scores
06/07/2021TuesdaySeniorsSeniors Singles Stableford Yellow Tee
07/07/2021WednesdayLadiesLadies Mid Week Medal @ 9.30am
07/07/2021WednesdayMensExtra Stableford 11 Holes
07/07/2021WednesdaySeniorsSeniors Singles Stableford Yellow Tee
08/07/2021ThursdayMensExtra Stableford 11 Holes
09/07/2021FridayLadiesSeniors vs Ladies
10/07/2021SaturdayEventNGL Scratch Foursomes @ Priors Hall
13/07/2021TuesdaySeniorsSeniors John Mitchel Trophy Medal White Tees
14/07/2021WednesdaySeniorsSeniors John Mitchel Trophy Medal White Tees
14/07/2021WednesdayLadiesLadies Day @ 9.30am
15/07/2021ThursdayLadiesSeniors vs Ladies 9.30am
16/07/2021FridayLadiesKingsthorpe Friendly away
17/07/2021SaturdayMensCaptains Texas Scramble
17/07/2021SaturdayMensCouncil Cup (Individual Stableford)
17/07/2021SaturdayLadiesLady Captain's Day @ 10.30am
18/07/2021SundayMensCouncil Cup (Individual Stableford)
20/07/2021TuesdaySeniorsGeorge Bullimore Seniors Stableford Yellow Tee
21/07/2021WednesdayLadiesLadies Day @ 9.30am
21/07/2021WednesdayMensExtra Stableford 11 Holes
21/07/2021WednesdayMensGeorge Stewart Trophy (greensomes Medal) Tee open from 6am
21/07/2021WednesdaySeniorsSeniors Stableford Yellow Tee
22/07/2021ThursdayMensExtra Stableford 11 Holes
22/07/2021ThursdayMensGeorge Stewart Trophy (greensomes Medal) Tee open from 6am
22/07/2021ThursdayLadiesFriendly V Ketering home
22/07/2021ThursdayLadiesLadies v Kingsthorpe home @ 11.00am
24/07/2021SaturdayMensDick Kemp Trophy (better Ball Stableford)
24/07/2021SaturdayLadiesLadies Weekend Medal @ 9.30am
25/07/2021SundayMensHollingsworth v Wellingborough 12.30 Away
25/07/2021SundayMensDick Kemp Trophy (better Ball Stableford)
25/07/2021SundayMensHandicap v Hellidon Lakes Away 1pm
27/07/2021TuesdaySeniorsSeniors vs Rutland Water home 9.00am 6 pairs
27/07/2021TuesdayMensSeniors Medal
28/07/2021WednesdayLadiesLadies Day @ 9.30am
28/07/2021WednesdayMensSeniors Medal
29/07/2021ThursdayEventCommittee Meeting At The Clubhouse 7.30pm
31/07/2021SaturdayLadiesAugust Monthly Competition
31/07/2021SaturdayMensDanny Martyn Trophy (0-13 Scratch Medal)
31/07/2021SaturdayMensDanny Martyn Trophy (14-28 Handicap Medal)
01/08/2021SundayMensDanny Martyn Trophy (0-13 Scratch Medal)
01/08/2021SundayMensDanny Martyn Trophy (14-28 Handicap Medal)
03/08/2021TuesdaySeniorsSeniors 4 Ball Better Ball Stableford Yellow Tees
04/08/2021WednesdayLadiesLadies Day @ 9.30am
04/08/2021WednesdaySeniorsSeniors 4 Ball Better Ball Stableford Yellow Tees
04/08/2021WednesdayMensClub Midweek Monthly Medal
05/08/2021ThursdayMensClub Midweek Monthly Medal
05/08/2021ThursdayLadiesLadies v Brampton Heath home @ 11.00am
07/08/2021SaturdayMensFreeman Cup
07/08/2021SaturdayMensHowitt Trophy
08/08/2021SundayMensFreeman Cup
08/08/2021SundayMensHowitt Trophy
10/08/2021TuesdayEventSeniors V N. Luffenham (home) 10.00am (6 Pairs)
10/08/2021TuesdayLadiesFiendly Match V Brampton Heath away
11/08/2021WednesdayMensExtra Stableford
11/08/2021WednesdayEventAlec Buchan Memorial Day Open to all members single stableford
11/08/2021WednesdayLadiesLadies Mid Week Medal @ 9.30am
14/08/2021SaturdayMensJubilee Cup (Better Ball Stableford )
14/08/2021SaturdayLadiesLadies Captain v Vice Captain @ 9.30am
14/08/2021SaturdayEventNGL Stableford Cup @ Whittlebury Park
15/08/2021SundayEventJubilee Cup
17/08/2021TuesdaySeniorsSeniors Medal Yellow Tee Q
17/08/2021TuesdayLadiesFriendly match V Toft away
18/08/2021WednesdaySeniorsSeniors Medal Yellow Tee Q
18/08/2021WednesdayLadiesLadies Day @ 9.30am
19/08/2021ThursdayMensExtra Stableford
19/08/2021ThursdaySeniorsSeniors v Pavenham Away 9.30am 6 pairs
19/08/2021ThursdayLadiesLadies v Toft home @ 11.00am
21/08/2021SaturdayMensAugust Bank Holiday Betterball Stableford
21/08/2021SaturdayLadiesLadies Weekend Medal @ 9.30am
22/08/2021SundayMensAugust Bank Holiday Betterball Stableford
23/08/2021MondayMensAugust Bank Holiday Betterball Stableford Final Results
23/08/2021MondayMensAugust Bank Holiday Betterball Stableford
24/08/2021TuesdaySeniorsSeniors AM AM Stableford Competition Yellow Tee
25/08/2021WednesdaySeniorsSeniors AM AM Stableford Competition Yellow Tee
25/08/2021WednesdayLadiesLadies Day @ 9.30am
28/08/2021SaturdayLadiesLadies Club Championship / Audrey Veale Rd 1. - Woolworth Cup
28/08/2021SaturdayMensPresdents Trophy
29/08/2021SundayMensPresidents Trophy
29/08/2021SundayLadiesLadies Club Championship / Audrey Veale Rd 2 - Woolworth Cup
30/08/2021MondaySeniorsSeniors vs Kilworth Springs home 8 pairs 9.30am
01/09/2021WednesdayMensClub Mid Week Medal
01/09/2021WednesdayLadiesLadies Day @ 9.30am
02/09/2021ThursdayMensClub Mid Week Medal
02/09/2021ThursdayEventCommittee Meeting At The Clubhouse 7.30pm
04/09/2021SaturdayMensMonthly Medal
05/09/2021SundayMensMonthly Medal
07/09/2021TuesdaySeniorsSeniors Stableford Yellow Tees
07/09/2021TuesdayLadiesLadies Committee Meeting @ 17.30
08/09/2021WednesdayLadiesLadies Midweek Medal @ 9.30am
08/09/2021WednesdaySeniorsSeniors Stableford Yellow Tees
09/09/2021ThursdaySeniorsSeniors v Ladies Mixed Doubles @ 9.30am
11/09/2021SaturdayMensMatt Mcilwain Cup (individual Scratch Competition)
11/09/2021SaturdayMensMatt Mcilwain Cup (nett Medal Competition)
12/09/2021SundayMensMatt Mcilwain Cup (nett Medal Competition)
12/09/2021SundayMensMatt McIlwain Cup (Individual Scratch Competition)
13/09/2021MondayEventSeniors V Rutland County (home) 9am ( 8 Pairs)
14/09/2021TuesdaySeniorsSeniors 4 Ball Better Ball White Tee
15/09/2021WednesdayLadiesLadies Day @ 9.30am
15/09/2021WednesdaySeniorsSeniors 4 Ball Better Ball White Tee
16/09/2021ThursdayLadiesLadies v Pychley & Kettering home @ 9.30am
18/09/2021SaturdayMensSingle Stableford (Results under review by the main committee)
18/09/2021SaturdayLadiesLadies Weekend Medal @ 9.30am
19/09/2021SundayMensKnock Out Finals
19/09/2021SundayMensSingle Stableford
21/09/2021TuesdaySeniorsSeniors Medal Yellow Tee (Competition cancelled due to the weather conditions)
22/09/2021WednesdayLadiesLadies Day @ 9.30am
22/09/2021WednesdaySeniorsSeniors Medal Yellow Tee
25/09/2021SaturdayMensTrophy Match vs Kettering A Team home B Team away
25/09/2021SaturdayMensBogey Cup (for Non Major Trophy Winners)
25/09/2021SaturdayMensTournament Of Champions (for Major Trophy Winners)
25/09/2021SaturdayMensNGL Izzard Trophy @ Kettering
26/09/2021SundayMensBogey Cup (for Non Major Trophy Winners)
26/09/2021SundayMensTournament Of Champions (for Major Trophy Winners)
26/09/2021SundayEventNGL KO Finals & Champion of Champions @ Kingsthorpe
28/09/2021TuesdayEventSeniors V Colmworth (away) 9am (6 Pairs)
29/09/2021WednesdayLadiesLadies Day @ 9.30am
29/09/2021WednesdayMensClub Mid Week Medal
30/09/2021ThursdayEventCommittee Meeting At The Con Club 7.30pm
30/09/2021ThursdayMensClub Mid Week Medal
02/10/2021SaturdayLadiesOctober Competition @ 9.30am
02/10/2021SaturdayMensGolden Wonder Trophy (18 Hole Invitation Texas Scramble)
03/10/2021SundayMensGolden Wonder Trophy (18 Hole Invitation Texas Scramble)
05/10/2021TuesdaySeniorsSeniors Stableford Yellow tees
06/10/2021WednesdaySeniorsSenior vs North Luffenham away 10am 6 pairs
06/10/2021WednesdaySeniorsSeniors Stableford Yellow tees
06/10/2021WednesdayLadiesLadies Day @ 9.30am
08/10/2021FridayMensNGL AM AM at Cold Ashby
09/10/2021SaturdayLadiesWinter Eclectic, AGM and Prizegiving @ 9.30am
12/10/2021TuesdayEventSeniors V Beedles Lake (home) 9.30am (8 Pairs)
12/10/2021TuesdaySeniorsSeniors Medal Yellow Tees
13/10/2021WednesdaySeniorsSeniors Medal Yellow Tees
13/10/2021WednesdayLadiesLadies Day @ 9.30am
16/10/2021SaturdayMensBetter Ball Stableford
17/10/2021SundayMensBetter Ball Stableford
19/10/2021TuesdaySeniorsSeniors Medal Competition
20/10/2021WednesdaySeniorsSeniors Medal Competition
20/10/2021WednesdayLadiesLadies Day @ 9.30am
23/10/2021SaturdayMensMonthly Medal
24/10/2021SundayMensMonthly Medal
26/10/2021TuesdaySeniorsSeniors Winter Eclectic Week 1
27/10/2021WednesdayLadiesLadies Day @ 9.30am
27/10/2021WednesdaySeniorsSeniors Winter Eclectic Week 1
28/10/2021ThursdayEventCommittee Meeting At The Con Club 7.30pm
30/10/2021SaturdayMensWinter Singles League Week 1
31/10/2021SundayMensWinter Singles League Week 1
02/11/2021TuesdaySeniorsSeniors Winter Eclectic Week 2
03/11/2021WednesdayLadiesLadies Day @ 10.00am
03/11/2021WednesdaySeniorsSeniors Winter Eclectic Week 2
06/11/2021SaturdayMensWinter Singles League Week 2
06/11/2021SaturdayEventAnnual General Meeting At Clubhouse At 3pm
07/11/2021SundayMensWinter Singles League Week 2
09/11/2021TuesdaySeniorsSeniors Winter Eclectic Week 3
10/11/2021WednesdayLadiesLadies Day @ 10.00am
10/11/2021WednesdaySeniorsSeniors Winter Eclectic Week 3
13/11/2021SaturdayMensWinter Singles League Week 3
14/11/2021SundayMensWinter Singles League Week 3
16/11/2021TuesdaySeniorsSeniors Winter Eclectic Week 4
17/11/2021WednesdayLadiesLadies Day @ 10.00am
17/11/2021WednesdaySeniorsSeniors Winter Eclectic Week 4
20/11/2021SaturdayMensWinter Singles League Week 4
21/11/2021SundayMensWinter Singles League Week 4
23/11/2021TuesdaySeniorsSeniors Winter Eclectic Week 5
24/11/2021WednesdayLadiesLadies Day @ 10.00am
24/11/2021WednesdaySeniorsSeniors Winter Eclectic Week 5
27/11/2021SaturdayMensWinter Singles League Week 5
27/11/2021SaturdayLadiesChristmas Turkey Trot Ladies
28/11/2021SundayMensWinter Singles League Week 5
30/11/2021TuesdaySeniorsSeniors Winter Eclectic Week 6
01/12/2021WednesdayLadiesLadies Day @ 10.00am
01/12/2021WednesdaySeniorsSeniors Winter Eclectic Week 6
02/12/2021ThursdayEventCommittee Meeting At The Con Club 7.30pm
04/12/2021SaturdayLadiesLadies Competition and Christmas Lunch
04/12/2021SaturdayMensChristmas Turkey Trot
05/12/2021SundayMensChristmas Turkey Trot
07/12/2021TuesdaySeniorsSeniors Turkey Trot Stableford 18 holes yellow tees
08/12/2021WednesdayLadiesLadies Day @ 10.00am
08/12/2021WednesdaySeniorsSeniors Turkey Trot Stableford 18 holes yellow tees
11/12/2021SaturdayMensWinter Singles League Week 6
12/12/2021SundayMensWinter Singles League Week 6
14/12/2021TuesdayMensSeniors Winter Eclectic Week 7
15/12/2021WednesdaySeniorsSeniors Section AGM and Christmas Dinner
15/12/2021WednesdayLadiesLadies Day @ 10.00am
15/12/2021WednesdaySeniorsSeniors Winter Eclectic Week 7
18/12/2021SaturdayMensWinter Singles League Week 7 Cancelled
19/12/2021SundayMensWinter Singles League Week 7
25/12/2021SaturdayMensWinter Singles League Week 8
26/12/2021SundayMensWinter Singles League Week 8
28/12/2021TuesdaySeniorsSeniors Winber Stableford