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April 2019

3rd Wednesday      Ladies Day @ 9.30am
        Results Club Mid Week Medal
           Hollingsworth v Silverstone (Home)
4th Thursday      Committee Meeting at the club house - 7.30pm
           Club Mid Week Medal
6th Saturday      April Bogey @ 9.30am
        Results Monthly Medal Including The Virgin Trophy Qualifier
7th Sunday      Monthly Medal Including The Virgin Trophy Qualifier
8th Monday      Seniors V Brampton Park (away) 8.30am (8 Pairs)
9th Tuesday   Results Seniors Stableford Yellow Tee
10th Wednesday      Ladies Day @ 9.30am
           Seniors Stableford Yellow Tee
13th Saturday      Mathers Cup (individual medal)
14th Sunday      Mathers Cup (individual Medal)
15th Monday      Seniors vs Rutland County (away) 8.30am 8pairs
17th Wednesday      Ladies Day @ 9.30am
           Seniors AM AM White Tees Teams of 4
19th Friday      Easter Salver Better ball Friday
20th Saturday      Easter Salver Better ball Saturday
21st Sunday      Easter Salver Better ball Sunday
           Holingsworth vs Northants County (Away)
22nd Monday      Easter Salver Overall Result
23rd Tuesday      Seniors Medal White Tees Medal
           Seniors vs Humberstone Heights Home 9.30 6 Pairs
24th Wednesday      Ladies Day @ 9.30am
           Seniors Medal White Tees Medal
27th Saturday      Singles Stableford
           Trophy Match Captain Home / Vice Away
28th Sunday      Singles Stableford
29th Monday      Seniors V Kilworth Springs (away) 11.00am (8 Pairs)