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December 2018

1st Saturday      Winter Singles League Week 5
           Christmas Turkey Trot Ladies
2nd Sunday      Winter Singles League Week 5
4th Tuesday      Seniors Winter Eclectic Week 6
5th Wednesday      Ladies Day @ 10.00am
           Seniors Winter Eclectic Week 6
6th Thursday      Committee Meeting At The Con Club 7.30pm
8th Saturday      Ladies Competition and Christmas Lunch
           Christmas Turkey Trot
9th Sunday      Christmas Turkey Trot
11th Tuesday      Seniors Winter Eclectic Week 7
12th Wednesday      Ladies Day @ 10.00am
           Seniors Section AGM and Christmas Dinner
           Seniors Winter Eclectic Week 7
15th Saturday      Winter Singles League Week 6
16th Sunday      Winter Singles League Week 6
19th Wednesday      Ladies Day @ 10.00am
           Seniors Turkey Trot Stableford 18 holes yellow tees
22nd Saturday      Winter Singles League Week 7
23rd Sunday      Winter Singles League Week 7
25th Tuesday      Seniors 4 Club Challenge @ Colmworth 9am 12 Singles
29th Saturday      Winter Singles League Week 8
30th Sunday      Winter Singles League Week 8