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Club Noticeboard


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Winter Singles League, Winter Doubles League, Seniors Eclectic League and Ladies Eclectic Winter League.

Winter Rule: On closely mown areas, players may mark the ball, clean it then place it within six inches.

In areas other than closely mown areas, greens and hazards a ball may be lifted, cleaned and dropped within one club length.

To identify if a ball is embedded:
Advise one of the other players what you are doing.
Mark the ball.
Pick the ball up between thumb and forefinger. (Do not clean it).
Identify if the ball is in it's own pitch mark or merely sitting low in the ground.
If the ball is not embedded, replace the ball in the exact spot.

Rob Draper
Competition Secretary


24 08 2016
We have introduced three new email addresses so you can contact the following directly.


These will replace the previous email addresses of priorshall@aol.com and secretaryphgc2014@btinternet.com