Ladies News - Season 2017/2018

St Patricks Day 17 Mar 2018
 Great fun to at least get a game and see everyone with the weather being so cruel this year.

Thanks to everyone for supporting my charity event on St Patrick's Day Saturday 17th March.
Congratulations to all the winners and well done to everyone else for braving the elements and showing how strong we girls are!!.

Valentine Competition 10 Feb 2018
 So much for singing  "Love is in the air", it was more ice, cold and rain.

Thanks to everyone for supporting my charity Valentine event on Saturday 10th Feb.
Congratulations to all the winners and well done to everyone else.

Burns Competition - 27 Jan 2018
Thanks to all who turned up to play in my charity Burns competition on Saturday 27th Jan.

The course was a bit soggy in places and some of us, unfortunately not all, missed the rain.
The Texas Scamble was, I hope, good fun and the results were all very close. .

Congratulations to all the winners and well done to everyone else.

Four of the 17 intrepid lady golfers who
played on Saturday to honour Rabbie Burns.

Next fun game is the Valentines day competiton, looking forward to seeing everyone on Saturday 10th February

Weather must be better by then, surely!!
Rose's Poem

It was dark. It was silent and cold
Not a creature stirred… not even the bold
But in the east a shimmer of light
Began to glow to eclipse the night
Into the stillness seeped an eerie sound
Like baby elephants tramping the ground
The sound became louder and clearer until
Priors Hall ladies charged over the hill.

They brandished their clubs with their heads held high
And ranted and raved as they threatened the sky
The charge for the tee; a St Trinian army
Others looked on thinking they were barmy

Some hit the fairway; some hit the hill
Some hit the rough; their balls there still

They played through the morning and on through the day
Until the light had frittered away

Then they left the course exhausted and spent
To the clubhouse replete and content
They ate and they drank and chattered aloud
A friendly, happy, gossiping crowd

The time ticked on as their laughter roared
They studied their cards to see what they’d scored
Then one by one they drifted away
And each one thought: Another great day.

Christmas Competition 2 December 2017

Festive Fun
Well done to all those that dressed up for the occassion.

Well Done Maria, lovely beard!

Thanks again for the supporting my chartity and congratulations to all the winners.

Lady Captain's Drive In - 1 November 2017

This is the start of my Captaincy, my charity for the year is Alzheimers & Dementia.
Thank you all for turning out.



Everyone enjoyed the day, I was delighted that I hit 6 good drives for the Drive In.
Needless to say they were the only good drives I hit all day.